Food Not Bombs ~ Bwyd Nid Bomiau

Posted on November 16, 2011


South Wales Food Not Bombs (Bwyd Nid Bomiau De Cymru) give out free food, made from produce that would otherwise be going to waste, to passers by in Cardiff city centre.

The group have recently decided to make their appearances more regular aiming to be giving out warm vegan food every fortnight, for free.

Cooking burgers

Cooking burgers on Queens Street

Food Not Bombs is a global movement with autonomous chapters around the world. It is a way of protesting against poverty by highlighting how much waste food there is, and how much gets spent on military budgets while people go hungry. Food Not Bombs chapters often feed protests and striking workers as well as providing food in times of crisis.

The South Wales group’s flyer says “Every year in the UK supermarkets throw out 484 billion unopened pots of yoghurt, 1.6billion apples and 2.6 billion slices of bread. There are one billion people starving in the world and this food could feed them three times over.

“If governments and corporations around the world spent as much time and energy feeding people, as they do on war and needless spending, no one would go hungry. Let’s bridge the gap that exists between the poor and homeless from so-called “normal” society. Food is a right, not a privilege.”

Last Friday Food Not Bombs were giving out vegan burgers by the Aneurin Bevan statue on Queens Street just as the Occupy Cardiff group was meeting and setting up the short lived camp.

To get involved log into Facebook and search ‘Food Not Bombs South Wales / Bwyd Dim Bomiau De Cymru’ to find the group. Or look for the stall in Cardiff city centre and have a chat.

Photos: Ceri Jones