Occupy Cardiff returns

Posted on November 20, 2011


Occupy Cardiff set up another camp last night outside Transport House on Cathedral Road. I went down there this morning with some food to speak to some of the activists.

The Occupy movement’s most recent headlines have been taking a dramatic turn. Occupy Cardiff was cleared before it had properly began, Occupy Wall Street was evicted from Liberty Square while on Thursday over 30,000 people took to the streets in their support, and in London Occupy LSX, at St Paul’s Cathedral, was given an eviction notice  and occupiers reopened Swiss bank UBS as a Bank of Ideas.Occupy Cardiff camp

In Cardiff, after the short lived occupation last Friday and its eviction with six arrests, the group seemed demoralised. This and disputes with councillor Neil McEvoy and indecision about the next move meant that action was needed sooner rather then later to inject some positivity into the movement and refocus the group on why they were trying to set up camp in the first place. Last night the decision was taken to set up base outside Transport House on Cathedral Road, the offices of trade unions such as PCS and Unite as well as Welsh Labour.

The choice of location has left some people confused but the group answered the question on their Twitter feed: “Same reason OccupyLSX are outside a church – sanctuary.” And the occupiers I spoke to echoed that. The location will be one of the things discussed in general assemblies, whole camp meetings which are happening at 6pm each day, and the group invite people who want to get involved or discuss any issues to come down and take part in person.

Transport House is also by some of Cardiff’s main roads, an easily accessible and visible place and the group morale has been helped by the constant donations, including last night a generator, which are coming in, as well as supportive passers by who have come to talk to the camp and car horns and waves from drivers passing through.

Earlier this week the Archbishop of Wales invited people set up an Occupy camp at Llandaff Cathedral.

To find out more about Occupy Cardiff follow the Twitter feed, Facebook page or go down in person to see what it’s all about. More campers very welcome.