Occupy Cardiff interview

Posted on November 22, 2011


Today went down to the Occupy Cardiff site at transport and spoke to Jason, one of the occupiers, and Michael who had come from Ammanford near Llanelli to lend his support.

Although it’s one of the smaller Occupy sites, the ground outside Transport House was busy today, even at a time when many were at work, college or university.  More people were joining the camp, donations were being dropped off, the press were there and there were constant car horns, waves and shouts of support from passers by.

Everything was slightly damp around the edges from last night’s torrential rain but people were in good spirits and glad that visitors were stopping by, not just to lend their support but to discuss their motives and approach with them.

Everyone was keen to reiterate that there are general assemblies every day at 6pm and that people are welcome anytime to come and find out why they are there.

I spoke to Jason, one of the occupiers who was arrested last Friday night and will be appearing in court on Monday. I also spoke to Michael from Ammanford who had come with donations and to offer his support.