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Posted on January 30, 2012


At Cardiff Transition‘s Show and Tell event last Thursday, one presentation outlined one group of Cardiff residents’ plan to create a more cooperative community within Cardiff. Louise and Sarah from Cohousing Cymru spoke about their aim to create a more codependent neighbourhood.

Cohousingcombines individual space for families or individuals with more communal space than in a regular development for things like communal eating and sharing play space and child care.

communal cohousing area

Cohousing encourages communal areas like this community in Denmark

Louise said there were about 10 people so far looking to create a cohousing community in Cardiff, with more interested. They all feel cohousing would bring support and friendship.

They aim to have 15-35 self contained units with a communal kitchen, meeting room, space for food growing, a car pool and the opportunity live in a more sustainable way through bulk buying, renewable energy and cooking together. They also want to run the project using consensus decision making.

At the moment Cohousing Cymru are working with a housing association who is interested in partnering with the project so they can offer rented accommodation so that it is open to more of a variety of people. Louise said that they were hoping this would mean that more younger people who wouldn’t otherwise be able to buy into it would then be interested. They are hoping that one third to a half of the units will be rented.

There are ten other established cohousing communities in the UK including the Threshold Centre in Dorset and Canon Frome Court in Wiltshire.

Cohousing Cymru are encouraging anyone interested in the project to get in contact and are hoping to have it up and running in two to five years time, probably somewhere in the ‘southern arc’ of Cardiff. Everyone who will be living there will work together, with the housing association, to design the development.

Transition is a global movement to try and build community resilience in the face of peak oil. With a focus on sustainability, groups have formed in many villages, towns and cities where people are working together on a variety of projects around sustainability issues.

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