Cardiff Castle Two backed by AMs and MPs

Posted on February 2, 2012


Two Occupy Cardiff activists, due in court next week, have been backed by AMs and MPs including Plaid Cymru leadership candidate Leanne Wood.

The two were among six people arrested when the original camp, outside Cardiff Castle was removed.

A number of AMs and MPs have backed the campaign to have the charges against the two protestors, dubbed the Cardiff Castle Two dropped. The group signed a  letter, along with trade unionists and campaigners, which appeared in the South Wales Echo on Wednesday and said: “As trade unionists, elected representatives, lawyers and campaigners, we feel that the November 11 police action constitutes an attack upon the right to peacefully protest. Furthermore, the subsequent CPS decision to prosecute, far from serving any public interest, endangers free expression and risks a chilling effect on democracy.”


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