Cwtch Community Centre

Posted on February 14, 2012


Update: The Cwtch occupiers lost their eviction challenge. Full news story on the BBC website.

On Sunday I took a trip to Swansea to visit the Cwtch Community Centre which opened in Swansea January 30. They have been served an eviction notice and will be in court this morning.

Menu of activities

The centre is in the Dolphin Hotel in Swansea city centre and has been squatted by a group wanting to set up a community space. They describe the centre as a “social, multicultural and artistic community centre in Swansea, with the express mandate of serving the community.”

While at the Cwtch we enjoyed a cup of coffee and browsed the library and free shop before watching the start of an open mic night. The atmosphere was very welcoming with a huge variety of people taking advantage of a free place to relax in the city centre. One of the main things I liked about it was that it was ‘doors open’ and accessible to people who may just be curious and want to come in and ask questions without being intimidated.

The community centre is open daily, with events and workshops being advertised everywhere and it is alcohol free.

Interview with one of the group from visionOntv: